Bluecode, the European payment brand, has entered into a strategic partnership with, Europe’s first technology bank for payments powering acceptance on any device across the continent. The partnership will enable merchants, including marketplace operators, to accept Bluecode payments in all 15 Eurozone markets in which operates, optimizing customer experience and loyalty.
Through this partnership, Bluecode and are driving digital QR code payments adoption, providing consumers in Europe with a simple, and convenient way to pay. Bluecode, a leading brand for QR code payments in Germany and Austria, offers users a fast and secure way to make purchases with their smartphone via the Bluecode App or any Bluecode-capable app. brings Bluecode QR payments to both online and in-store environments. Its Tap on Any Device technology, featuring the agnostic Terminal app, and Smart Checkout online payment gateway, intersect for a faster and smoother checkout experience. Bluecode users benefit from a purchasing experience that takes only seconds, whereas merchants can directly offer customers a wide variety of value-added services such as discounts or stamp cards. Bluecode is the latest addition to’s extensive line-up of payment methods, currently at 40+, including all international card schemes and direct connectivity to dominant local card schemes and methods

“This is another big step for us in expanding the Bluecode network with a strategic pan-European player. We are very pleased to further expand digital payment in Europe, together with,” says Bluecode CEO Christian Pirkner. “Together with, we will continue to revolutionize the way people pay in Europe. At the same time, we are making it easier for merchants to accept digital mobile payments.”
“ continuously expands its bundle of payment technologies, products, and features to enable European businesses’ growth. At the core of this endeavor lies our ever-expanding line up of payment methods and strategic partnerships, including direct connectivity with local QR payment leaders, such as Bluecode. Through this collaboration we aim to go-to-market jointly, both at the enterprise level and the SMEs market segments, contributing to businesses’ customer service excellence across Europe,” says Harry Xenophontos, Chief Partnerships Officer at

Bluecode and at Marketplaces’ Service

This partnership makes Bluecode marketplace-ready. As a cloud-based provider, built in-house on Microsoft Azure, can easily and quickly embed its advanced payments platform into marketplaces, i.e. platforms on which multiple merchants operate. As a result, restaurants, retailers or other providers on these marketplaces are automatically able to accept Bluecode payments. “We are particularly looking forward to seeing Bluecode being used by operators of marketplaces. Bluecode as an open payment system can be integrated easily into marketplace apps and thus greatly improve the checkout experience for end consumers and merchants,” says Mario Linzbauer, Chief Partnerships Officer at Bluecode.

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SurePay, the leading provider of the IBAN-Name Check, Confirmation of Payee (CoP) and Verification of Payee (VoP) to over 100 banks, has announced the expansion of its services to a European and global scale through a strategic agreement with Swift and the following integration of Swift’s Payment Pre-validation service.

SurePay’s collaboration with Swift will provide banks with a broader validation network, boosting the security of financial transactions. SurePay’s tried and tested Verification of Payee Name Matching solution will seamlessly operate domestically and cross-border, empowering European, British and global banks to pre-validate international payments.

“At SurePay, we’re committed to having the technology in place to protect our customers from fraud, misdirected payments, and unnecessary and costly friction. Swift’s strategy to enable instant and frictionless payments and SurePay’s commitment to providing the best-in-class Name Matching solution make for a powerful partnership. We look forward to continuing our mission and journey globally alongside Swift,” said Bridget Meijer, Manager New Markets and Partnerships.

Forging the path to reduced friction in payments

Launched in 2017 SurePay offers real-time verification of IBAN and beneficiary names based on live data sources to validate key payment information before initiating a transaction. The service was developed for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to add a crucial layer of verification and risk mitigation to financial transactions. It prevents fraudulent activities, scams and accidental misdirection of payments, providing users with clear guidance on the accuracy of their payments.

Swift’s Payment Pre-validation service with Beneficiary Account Verification (BAV) complements this capability, taking SurePay’s services to the global level. Swift leverages cutting-edge API technology to route the requests and responses on the European and global scale. This proactive approach significantly reduces errors in cross-border payments and enhances predictability, eliminating payment friction, operational costs and fostering a secure financial environment.

“Simple mistakes are the cause of huge delays in cross-border payments. Swift’s Payment Pre-validation solution utilises local CoP/VoP responses and the pseudonymised and aggregated data from across our network to ensure beneficiary information is correct before a payment is executed. With Europe adopting instant payments regulation that includes a requirement to pre-validate beneficiary account information, interoperability between confirmation of payee systems is a simple way to maintain compliance and ensure the smooth and scalable flow of pan-European and cross-border payments,” said Thomas Peeters, Head of Benelux, Nordics and Baltics at Swift. 

Enabling secure global payments

SurePay will leverage Swift’s extensive network of 11,500 institutions across more than 200 countries to bring the benefits of its enhanced Verification of Payee service to a broader European and global audience. 

Focusing on improving the stability and efficiency of the financial sector, this collaboration ultimately supports the development of innovative products and services. SurePay customer Rabobank is one of the PSPs that has already integrated Swift’s solution into its Confirmation of Payee system to allow foreign banks to pre-validate payment data and vice versa.

“As a member of the Payment Pre-validation community, we at Rabobank understand the value we can bring as a data provider on the service. We’ve integrated Swift’s solution into our existing domestic Confirmation of Payee system, SurePay, to help banks beyond our borders pre-validate if their payment data is correct. Doing so greatly expands the impact that domestic systems can have in tackling fraud and reducing cross-border transaction friction and operational costs,” said Ton Versteeg, Specialist Payments/Market Infrastructures at Rabobank.

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  • For trade & production: The cloud ERP system from reybex is used in medium-sized (wholesale) trade, e-commerce and small and medium-sized production companies.
  • GoBD-compliant cash register: The integrated POS cash register is GoBD-compliant and has a TSE interface. SMEs have their receipt and security obligations effortlessly under control.
  • Payment included: Thanks to the new partnership with the German payment service provider secupay, all common payment solutions for webshops and POS are now already on board.

Both are agile, flexible, innovative and close to the customer – secupay and reybex are two owner-managed, German digital companies whose service ranges complement each other perfectly: customers who opt for the native cloud ERP from reybex can now also use secupay’s proven omnichannel payment solutions for their payment transactions together with the GoDB-compliant POS system without any technical or organisational effort. “Not only the portfolio and target groups, but also the values of reybex fit perfectly with secupay,” explains Patrick Frisch, Partner Manager at secupay AG.

The new cooperation is part of secupay’s successful business strategy of driving growth nationwide through suitable partnerships. In 2023, the German payment specialist has put together a professional and experienced team for strategic partner management and has already acquired renowned partners. “Success needs the right partners,” Frisch continues.

Efficient processes from purchasing to checkout

As a specialist in ERP software, short for enterprise resource planning, reybex ensures efficient processes for medium-sized users from the retail, e-commerce, trade and manufacturing sectors – target groups that secupay also addresses with its flexible payment solutions. Together with the digital ERP system from the cloud, many users also utilise the GoDB-compliant cash register function with TSE interface. The cloud checkout is fully integrated into the ERP system and therefore directly connected to merchandise management, warehousing or financial accounting. Omnichannel strategies or services such as Click & Collect can therefore be easily implemented.

Automated processes and personalised service

To expand its comprehensive range of ERP services, reybex was looking for a reliable and experienced payment processing partner. They selected secupay – like reybex, an owner-managed company with high agility and a strong customer focus: “From now on, our customers will benefit from our joint strengths: We are seamlessly bringing together a fully-fledged and modern, 100% native cloud ERP solution and user-friendly payment processes. A win-win situation on all sides, but especially for our joint customers,” says Selcuk Acar, Managing Director at reybex. Users of the ERP system who value secure payment services “made in Germany”, excellent availability, fair and transparent conditions and German-speaking customer service can now easily activate payment processing by secupay as an option. “We are thus adding another service to reybex to free companies from time-consuming tasks through smart and automated processes,” says Acar.

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Navigating the Transformed Digital Commerce Landscape in the New Year

As we look ahead into the new year, we find ourselves at the forefront of a transformed digital commerce landscape. The lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have not only reshaped consumer behaviour but have also catalysed a surge in online retail activities. This trend, which took root in response to the pandemic, continued to gain momentum throughout 2023, placing unprecedented demands on both the Retail and the Logistics and Fulfilment sectors.

The digital shift has not only changed the way consumers discover, research, and purchase products but has also significantly impacted the supply chain dynamics. This shift has intensified the need for retailers to seamlessly operate both physical and virtual stores, thereby giving rise to an era of omnichannel retailing. In this evolving landscape, companies are grappling with the intricacies of managing diverse sales channels, navigating complex inventory management systems, and optimising distribution networks.

Unveiling Africa’s Online Retail Market Dynamics: Projections and Strategic Insights

In the context of Africa’s online retail market, projections, and statistics for 2023 and beyond reveal a compelling narrative.

According to , the revenue in the E-commerce market in Africa is forecast to continuously increase by 19.7 billion U.S. dollars (+75.74 percent), between 2023 and 2028.

The heightened demand from consumers has, in turn, placed increased expectations on the Logistics and Fulfilment sector. Delivery times are under scrutiny, with consumers now expecting faster and more efficient services. This shift in consumer behaviour has fuelled the need for a more personalised and refined fulfilment experience, further emphasising the importance of a well-orchestrated omnichannel approach.

As retailers in Africa navigate these dynamic market forces, the role of reverse logistics has become increasingly integral. Managing the return of goods is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for retailers to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to a survey by in April of 2023, effective reverse logistics can contribute to a 92% increase in customer loyalty, showcasing the strategic importance of this facet within the multi-dimensional supply chain.

In conclusion, as Africa’s online retail market continues to evolve, retailers are presented with both challenges and opportunities. The imperative to adopt a comprehensive and innovative supply chain approach is clear, with digitalisation playing a pivotal role in meeting the rising expectations of consumers and driving sustainable growth in the years ahead.

Exploring Opportunities at Converge Africa 2024: Fulfilment and Logistics Sessions Unveiled

Attendees of Converge Africa 2024 will gain access to insights and knowledge that will enable them to tackle the various challenges and opportunities within the African Market. The agenda has a number of valuable Fulfilment and Logistics sessions, including “Mastering Last-Mile Excellence: Strategies for Optimising Delivery in Ecommerce”

In this session, our expert panel will explore cutting-edge solutions as they discuss and deep dive into advanced route optimisation, real-time tracking, and efficient logistics collaborations. Attendees will learn how to navigate the unique challenges of South African roads with a reliable vehicle fleet and discover the power of data analytics in predicting demand and tailoring delivery approaches. From innovative technologies to strategic warehouse placement, our experts will share insights on enhancing customer experiences and building successful partnerships within local communities.

All of this and so much more will be discussed at Converge Africa 2024 taking place in Cape Town, South Africa, from 22nd-24th April 2024 at the CTICC.

This event offers the ideal opportunity for Logistics and fulfilment solution providers from around the world to enter the African market, meet new buyers, and be a part of this booming sector.

For more details and information visit the Converge Africa Website

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Operators of EV charging stations need payment processes that can fulfil card payment requirements and enable seamless integration into their apps. Computop, the international payment service provider (PSP), has today introduced Pay to Drive, an integrated solution for charging stations and ‘Pay@Pump’.


Thanks to the connection to the Computop Paygate platform, the payment options in Pay to Drive can be configured entirely according to the operator’s needs. Apple Pay with girocard, Google Pay or the new Click to Pay credit card option are available on the smartphone. In addition, the typical payment methods from online retail can be accommodated as well as popular local payment methods such as Swish in Sweden, Twint in Switzerland or Blik in Poland. The modern IM30 vending machine terminal accepts payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card or local debits.

Companies in very different areas of the automotive and transport sector use payment solutions from Computop. These include DeLijn / Belgium and BONNsmart in public transport, TollCollect for HGV tolls, Mercedes Pay for in-car payments and Compleo for EV charging. Computop offers customised in-app payments through to the hosted payment page, a standardised payment platform, and a choice of over 50 acquirer connections. In Germany, Computop supports girocard online payment (for example at and Mediamarkt) for charging station operators that need a fast and efficient connection in this strong growth market. The use of tokenisation makes card payments particularly secure, with the expiry date of credit cards being updated automatically. A cash back function also makes it possible to pay out cash, for example at petrol station checkouts.

Ralf Gladis, CEO Computop, emphasises: “Electromobility is growing rapidly internationally. That’s why we believe we are perfectly positioned for e-charging providers with our numerous local payment methods and strong services in the background. Our new partnership with nexi, which has already acquired major customers in this area, further strengthens our offering. With Computop Pay to Drive, we have another flexible industry solution in our portfolio.”

Computop will demonstrate the new solution at the forthcoming UNITI conference in Hamburg, Germany.

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JACCS International Vietnam Finance Company Ltd. (JIVF), a prominent Japanese name in Vietnam’s credit finance sector listed among the Top 20 of “Vietnam’s Leading Famous Brands”, has announced a strategic fintech transformation in partnership with OpenWay.  JIVF completed the transition of its credit portfolio, migrating to OpenWay’s Way4 digital payment software platform. This step solidifies the company’s quest for leadership in the market and emphasizes its firm commitment to quickly launching unique payment services and ensuring a digital-first customer experience.

Mr Taniguchi Noboru, General Director of JIVF, shared, “Our partnership with OpenWay has transformed our business. The new JIVF payment system built on the highly configurable Way4 platform with its integrated online back- and front-office operations, ensures a digital-first customer experience. We’re now equipped to offer more options faster for our customers.

Rudy Gunawan, Managing Director of OpenWay Asia, added, “At OpenWay, our clients’ needs always come first. We truly appreciate our collaboration with the JIVF team and are proud of the work we achieved together, especially during the challenging migration of three billing credit card cycles and the handling of unstructured data within a tight timeframe. Our commitment goes beyond providing advanced technology; we ensure local support backed by global expertise through our hubs in Vietnam, Asia, and all over the world.

JIVF’s migration to the modern Way4-based payment platform represents a significant milestone, facilitating the rapid launch of customized credit products and seamless cross-border payment solutions. This transformation opens up new avenues for innovation, adaptation, and scalability, allowing JIVF to swiftly introduce a range of distinctive services around payment cards, digital wallets, and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options. 

OpenWay is renowned for its exceptional software solutions in card issuing, merchant acquiring, and payment switching, scalable across any geography. It stands as a trusted global partner for tier 1/2 financial institutions and ambitious startups. Companies who have transitioned to Way4 find themselves at the forefront of innovative digital payments with accelerated product launches and a substantial surge in transaction volumes. Way4, functioning as a genuine online payment platform, delivers a fully end-to-end, digital-first customer experience. Its unique payment core ensures seamless online accounting and the high availability of JIVF’s systems.

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Sathapana Bank has migrated from several disparate CMS and switch systems into a single infrastructure powered by Way4, OpenWay’s best-in-class digital payment software platform. This platform has simplified operations and technical support for the bank’s payments business. The Way4 technology stack, featuring end-to-end online payment processing functionality and a rule-driven, digital-first approach, has enhanced the bank’s flexibility and enabled a faster rollout of Mastercard credit cards.

Sathapana Bank, a leading commercial bank in Cambodia, is celebrating the launch of its new Sathapana Mastercard credit cards. These cards bring to customers the convenience and flexibility of the Mastercard priceless™ experience, with 1,000 unique benefits at over 90 million merchants worldwide. Besides global accessibility, Cambodian consumers gain a range of cashback rewards and special offers from hundreds of e-commerce and in-store merchants within their country. 

This milestone was reached after successfully migrating the bank’s fragmented payment infrastructure, inherited from two financial institutions, to OpenWay’s best-in-class Way4 digital payments software platform. Way4 functions as a genuine online payment solution with complete functional coverage, and it is rule-driven, ensuring a digital-first, fast-to-market approach that is proven by the global and local experience of the OpenWay team. The complete migration of Sathapana’s card issuing and merchant acquiring portfolio was accomplished in a record time of 6 months. 

The new top-rated, innovative platform allows Sathapana Bank to optimize its operations and double its card issuing business while expanding its acquiring processing capabilities. Sathapana Bank is now serving 25% of all Cambodian businesses, encompassing MSMES, SMEs and corporates, which testifies to the reliability and usability of its Way4-based offerings.

Mr. Fung Kai Jin, CEO of Sathapana Bank, stated: “We selected OpenWay because we need a reliable and secure payment technology partner with strong experience and customer support. This is essential to pursue our digital payment ambitions and deliver on our promise to deliver everyday banking convenience to our customers.”

Rudy Gunawan, Managing Director of OpenWay Asia, commented: “We are grateful to Sathapana Bank for their trust and proud to partner with them in delivering the best payment products to their customers. We are committed to continually providing the highest standards of financial services to our clients.” 

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From 07th to 08th November 2023, the Technology Days (EHI) took place at the World Conference Center, Bonn. With the VAS Cloud, SHC Group has developed a cloud-based, vendor-independent and highly innovative POS solution, which the SHC team presented with live demos at booth 39. 

At the Technology Days at booth 39: Information about the VAS Cloud

At this year’s Technology Days in Bonn, topics such as artificial intelligence, POS and checkout processes and cybersecurity were the focus of discussions for around 550 participants. In addition to presentations and discussion panels, visitors had the opportunity to find out about new trends and products at numerous booths.

At EHI, the SHC team was available at booth 39 with the VAS Cloud for questions and discussions. The latest innovation for the point of sale – the SHC VAS Cloud – was presented here with live demos on its versatile applications.

Do you want to:

  • Be at the forefront of innovative, digital offerings at the point of sale?
  • Attract additional customers and develop new revenue streams from digital services?
  • Avoid lengthy, expensive implementations & certifications of new services and features in your payment infrastructure? 
  • A fast and lean introduction or upgrade of existing value-added services?
  • Vendor-independent, cloud-based solutions that can be operated on all devices at the point of sale? 

Become part of the POS revolution! 

About the Technology Days (EHI)

The Technology Days will take place on 07 and 08 November 2023 at the World Conference Center in Bonn and are the technology highlight for decision-makers from the retail industry.

Here, experts will report and discuss on-site about the latest developments around artificial intelligence, process automation, seamless checkout, cybersecurity and sustainability. There will also be numerous opportunities for networking at the booths. 

Gender note:

For better readability, we often use generic masculine for personal names and personal nouns in press releases. Corresponding terms generally apply to all genders. The abbreviated form of language does not imply any valuation.

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Since the beginning of October this year, Migros Bank customers have been receiving telephone service around the clock thanks to an innovative voice bot. As a first step, a voice biometrics solution was introduced in 2019 for telephone calls in the customer center. This offers the possibility of recognizing and authenticating callers by voice. On this basis, further automated services were added in 2022. Since the system proved to be reliable and secure in daily practice, Migros Bank now also operates the voice bot outside of its business hours. The bank thus meets the customer needs to have issues resolved quickly, reliably, and at all times.

The voice biometrics and virtual assistant solutions come from the leading Swiss and international conversational AI platform provider – Spitch. The basis for the newly offered services in the system was the analysis and direct implementation of optimization potential by NTT DATA, a leading global company for digital business and IT services. The innovative solution won a podest place at the “Best Bot Award 2023” on 26 October.

Manuel Kunzelmann, CEO Migros Bank, comments: “With the innovative voice bot, Migros Bank is expanding its level of customer service, which is now available around the clock. The technology behind it increases accessibility and offers additional convenience for callers. The fact that this advanced solution achieved a podium place in the Best Bot Award encourages us to consistently develop our services in line with the wishes of our customers. Many thanks to the teams involved”!

Services without waiting time

The 190 customer advisors in the Migros Bank customer center received 650,000 calls in 2022 alone. Without the use of technical aids, this enormous number could only be handled with waiting times for the callers. To ensure that customers always receive help with their concerns as quickly as possible, the voice bot has been increasingly taking on additional standard tasks since 2022.

The bot can now answer questions about the account balance or accurately identify customer concerns and refer them to the responsible service point. It can also address various concerns automatically and send links to the Migros Bank website with the relevant content via SMS. The bot also offers numerous self-services, such as unlocking e-banking access devices and automatically sending new activation codes for these devices. Support is provided in multiple languages: in German, Swiss German dialects, Italian and French.

Uncompromising security through voice biometrics

Voice biometrics ensures the highest level of security to authenticate callers based on their individual voice profile. Before voiceprints are created, customers are expressly asked for their consent. Using the voice profile also improves customer experience because authentication takes place without additional steps such as further security questions. The fact that customers can now arrange a callback appointment with a service employee on the next working day via the voice bot ensures additional convenience if their query cannot be resolved immediately. One can be forwarded directly to a customer advisor at any time during operating hours.

Christian Seider, General Manager Switzerland at NTT DATA DACH, comments: “The heart of customer service is people and their need for a simple and quick solution to a concern. With the 24/7 voice bot project, we have shown together how digitalization makes life easier for employees and customers alike. We are pleased that our experience in pioneering digitalization solutions has contributed to further project success at Migros Bank”.

Stephan Fehlmann, Country Manager DACH region at Spitch, adds: “We are proud that our market-leading expertise in natural language processing and conversational AI solutions helps Migros Bank customers have an optimal banking experience”.

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SurePay, inventor of the IBAN-Name Check, is thrilled to introduce the SurePay Developer Portal. This innovative platform serves as a comprehensive resource for developers and partners seeking to harness the full potential of SurePay’s API products.

SurePay launched the developer portal to make implementations even more easy and fast.
Companies, Governmental Organisations and Banks can connect to the Surepay API autonomously.  

Exploring the SurePay Developer Portal

The SurePay Developer Portal provides a gateway to explore and utilise SurePay’s product suite effectively. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Up-to-Date API Documentation: Access the latest SurePay API specification, Postman collections and Yaml files, ensuring you have all the information you need for seamless integration.
  • Code Examples: Find code examples that illustrate how to connect and leverage SurePay’s capabilities within your applications.
  • Integration Guidance: Detailed explanations on how to connect to SurePay’s offerings, making it easier than ever to incorporate them into your solutions.
  • In addition users of the developer portal can also view the status of our API’s and answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a financial institution looking to enhance your payment processes or an organisation seeking to optimise your business operations, the SurePay Developer Portal is here to provide you with the tools and resources you need for success.

– David-Jan Janse, CEO SurePay

Who can use it?

The SurePay Developer Portal is designed to help a wide range of users, including:

  • Banks: make payments safer and improve the customer experience by implementing SurePay directly in the payment environment of your bank
  • Organisations: improve several business processes such as: onboarding, KYC and KYS with SurePay’s API’s

Get Started Today

To access the SurePay Developer Portal and embark on your journey toward innovation and efficiency, visit and have a look.

Want to know more?

Visit our Developer Portal > Developer Portal
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From August 2024, large banks in Switzerland shall be able to process Instant Payments. The European Commission even goes one step further and wants to make Instant Payments the “new normal” in the SEPA system. In addition to high availability, “Instants” are to become cheaper, more trustworthy, and easier to process. Additional services, such as the IBAN-name-check, to show discrepancies between the name of the payee and the IBAN, should ensure fewer errors in transfers. The introduction of Instant Payment is not trivial for banks and has far-reaching effects on their IT infrastructure.

Instant Payment is also one of the main topics at this year’s Swiss Payment Forum. While Christian Fink (van den Berg) will focus on the developments in the EU and Switzerland, Daniele Astarita (ACI Worldwide) will give insights into worldwide Instant Payment projects and Patrick Juffern (INFORM) will look at the security risks and risk assessment of financial service providers in the EU.

Moreover, the two-day conference will cover topics such as the latest payment technologies, including Embedded Payments and digital wallets, security standards in payments and Sustainable Finance. Furthermore, regulatory changes as well as trends in Cryptocurrencies, digital payment options such as the digital Swiss Franc and the role of payments in the Metaverse will be highlighted.

In over 10 years, the Swiss Payment Forum has established itself as an industry meeting place. As a central information and networking event, the conference offers excellent opportunities to learn from top-class presentations and to make valuable contacts. More information:

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Nuvei Corporation (“Nuvei” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: NVEI) (TSX: NVEI), and Esenda, a leader in school fee management in the independent school market, announce today that they have partnered to launch an online Tuition Fee Collection and Income Management Platform.

Integrating Nuvei’s sophisticated payment technology with Esenda’s comprehensive fee management platform offers education providers a groundbreaking solution that not only increases efficiency but also significantly enhances security.

Payments can be made online for tuition fees, corporate debentures, extra-curricular activities, and additional student-related fees. In addition to card payments, an education provider’s single integration with Nuvei and Esenda enables it to offer every relevant global alternative payment method to its students and their families, no matter where they are located.

Nuvei’s fully customizable, modular technology stack also includes additional services to optimize payments performance. These include superior risk management, enhanced reconciliation, customer authentication compliance tools, and payment orchestration with unified reporting and data visibility to maximize operational efficiency and enhance control.

Esenda’s system enhances fee collection by integrating with a school’s financial systems. It offers features such as real-time invoice tracking, automated reconciliation, reminders for late payments, and easy report generation, significantly improving fee management efficiency.

Nuvei Chair and CEO Philip Fayer commented on the announcement: “Consumer expectations have changed when it comes to the convenience of making payments online in all areas of their lives, and education providers cannot afford to fall behind. Enabling education providers to upgrade their student experience by making tuition and day-to-day payments simple and convenient is a great example of the role payments can play in building customer relationships in any sector.”

Bertie Simpson, Esenda’s CEO quoted: “Partnering with Nuvei transforms how schools manage payments, making it seamless and secure. Gone are the days of parents having to drive to schools and line up to pay tuition. Now, everything can be handled online, bringing convenience to schools and families.”

The partnership is already live with one of the largest educational providers in Dubai, enabling the school to accept global payments, including card payments from all major issuers in the region, online for the first time.

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